May 23, 2024

The Characters


Voiced by –   Aasia Rhoton

Ana, a young Asian girl, is the leader of the group.  
She is the oldest and is a “mothering” kind of character.


Voiced by – Leo Hall

Andy, a young Jamaican boy, is the fun loving laid back kid of the group.


Voiced by –   Sarah Hobson

Sarah is a young redheaded girl that is anxious about everything.


Voiced by – Rusty Ammerman

Kyle is the youngest of the group.  
He is a blond boy who loves to eat and has endless energy to talk about everything (and he does).


Voiced by – Rusty Ammerman

Mic is a Shure 55SH microphone.  
He is the narrator of the story based upon a caricature of Rod Serling.  

Mr. D

Voiced by – Seth New

Mr D. is the antagonist of the story (The bad guy).  
Mr. D. is the creator of “The Game”. 
He is the one responsible for creating the formula which traps people in the 2 dimensional game world.


Voiced by – (no speaking parts)

The cute little dog that wonders where the kids have gone when they are “sucked” into “The Game”.