May 23, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is included on the USB stick?

  • Program with all the media
  • Script for the leader to follow (pdf)
  • All songs as audio files (mp3)
  • All songs as video files (mp4)
  • Music videos have 3 options:
    • Song with words
    • Song with words and description of movements
    • Song as PowerPoint file
  • Lyric sheets for songs (pdf)
  • Chord sheets for songs (pdf)
  • Artwork for outdoor banner (png)
  • Artwork for indoor poster (png)
  • Artwork for all props (png)
  • Artwork for characters (png)
  • Artwork for backdrops (png)
  • All artwork can be printed or purchased from us

Where can I hear and download the music?

The music is available on Youtube and Spotify (forthcoming)
Audio only on Spotify and the music videos are on Youtube

What about music licensing?

All music is copyrighted and registered as CCLI, so treat all the music and videos as you would any other music or video you would present at church.

Can I post the program online or live stream?

Of course! Feel free to post the program online.
We encourage people to share their experiences so that others can learn and enjoy what others have done.

How difficult is it to memorize the script for the presentation?

There is no memorization at all for this program.
The program is designed to have one “live” person interacting with the videos. 
The script is designed to be placed on paper, computers, or tablets.  
Reading from the computer/paper is how the system is designed to work. Easy.
See link below for an example of how it works.
See link:    Running the Program

How much preparation is needed for the games/snacks for this program?

All of the games and snack ideas are included as part of the program.
We have provided a list of all materials for each game/snack.
The list of materials will be included on the flash drive.

What program do I need to run the VBS presentation?

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari

Do I need to download the files from the USB stick?

No, the system runs from the USB drive. 
The USB drive needs to be inserted into the computer for the program to work.
The program will NOT run on your computer if you copy it from the USB stick to your computer.

How many computers may I use this program on?

The USB drive identifies the first three computers that the program is run on. 
These computers can run the program indefinitely, but only on three computers.
Running the actual program will install a license on your computer, accessing the image files and song/lyric files will not.

To what resolution does my computer need to be set?

The display (TV or projector) that will be used to project the videos will need to be set to 1920 x 1080 and the  scale should be set to 100%.
Other resolutions will make the video format incorrectly on your display.
See link to see how this works:
link:    Setting Computer Resolution @ 0:22

Are there crafts with this program?

No, we have not provided any crafts or craft ideas with this program.
We feel that the time spent with the kids during game time is a better use of the time for VBS.
If you feel that craft time is an important part of a VBS program, you are welcome to include that as you see fit.

How do snacks work with this program?

Snack time is incorporated with the games.
Several of the games involve food each day.
Incorporating the food as snack time is ideal for this purpose.

Does the program require use of the internet?

No, the internet is not required for this program to operate.
The program will play through your default browser but is run off of the flash drive and will not need internet.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available before product has shipped, after shipping no refunds are available.
Refunds will be posted within 72 hours.